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Over the past decade congress has slowly begun to address hepatitis C viral infection. This attention is due in part to the work of veteran health organizations, hemopphilia advocacy bodies and the families of first responders infected with hepatitis C before the introduction of universal precautions. Until 2003 there was no independent federal legislation or policy that called for increased infrastructure within the existing medical system to develop national surveillance, education and treatment and care strategies to affectively address hepatitis C in communities around the country.
Some language about HIV/HCV co-infection has been included in reauthorization of HIV/AIDS policy (namely Ryan White Care Act) but no funding has been allocated to increase educational efforts, or positively affect the lives of those living with HIV/HCV co-infection. Some examples of hepatitis C legislation that have been introduced or passed by congress follow. You can follow the links to a full text description of the bill, or visit and conduct a search for Hepatitis C.

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